Arie and class with TotoCHURCH SCHOOL

We believe that all ages are learners and that faith formation is a partnership between the church, the family and Jesus Christ. Church is one of the last places in our society where people of all ages and cultures come together in a community of support and service. curriculum. Our nursery and elementary classes are located in two newly refinished bright and  cheery rooms.  They are filled with age appropriate toys and learning materials.  Sunday school lessons include a prayer, a Bible lesson, a project or games related to the lesson and songs.  We occasionally watch them related movies or take walks in the wooded trails behind the church.

We have lessons each Sunday that start after the children’s sermon during the regular service.  We use the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum for all classes and we supplement the older classes with a curriculum that was designed by the Christian Education Committee to allow for more in depth Bible study.

Our classes make bags or baskets for our shut-ins that are delivered on Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Each year we attempt to develop a new Outreach Project.  Last Christmas we sent Prayer Bears and little gifts to our troops overseas.


Confirmation is not about teaching dogma or doctrine.  It is not about passing on information.  Confirmation is about exploring our spirituality.  It is about hearing the stories of people who have struggled with faith and found wisdom and insight along the way.  It is about learning from other people’s relationship with Jesus.  Confirmation is about making choices and asking questions and challenging presumptions and touching the heart of God.


Bible Study provides a wonderful opportunity for those interested in learning more about God’s word. . The pastor leads these studies and  will be looking at a different Bible story every week. <Christmas pageant 4CHRISTMAS PAGENT On the Sunday before Christmas, we have the Christmas pageant. All the children participate in the pageant. James at pulpitCHILDREN’S SUNDAY The Children’s Sunday is in the spring when the children perform the whole service, including the sermon.