Blessings to all,

As you read this Pastor’s Corner letter, I would first like to welcome you to this site and our church.  We are a small and friendly church, living and breathing, loving and caring, surviving and planning for our future. We are a church of about 150 members who want to share with you the love and personal contact that comes in smaller churches and places.

We are vibrant here and have many events that need volunteers and leadership.  You can be part of a group of Christians who reach out to their community in imaginative and steadfast ways.  Or you can come and worship with us and feel the love and Christian friendship that all of us so need and desire.  The need for faith and the need for community is important to all of us.

Being part of Grace Union is not so much about coming to church every Sunday, but being vested in a church and a faith where one’s life becomes at the same time grounded and more embellished.  The benefit of a small church is that among other things it teaches all of us to get along and find peace, as Jesus urged us to seek resolutely among our fellows.   So come and visit and be welcomed!  And know that all are welcome, for God’s love is beyond all our dealing, our misgivings and even our greatest accomplishments.

My God bless,




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